2019 - 2021

handmade paper with inclusions, monoprints, watermarks. prints and drawings on handmade paper made during the 2019 fall concentration at the penland school of crafts 

selected works were exhibited in a solo show called catharsis! at the looking glass gallery in boone, nc from november 8 - december 8, 2021.

my thoughts have always been jumbled up, like they're moving too quickly to understand, so I often think out loud. drawing and painting feel like that: putting a mark on the page is the most direct line to making my internal world tangible. in the last few years, working abstractly has become a way of sifting through, a kind of automatism through which I can allow color, texture, and marks to give physical form to what I can't quite reach with words. 

in 2019 I had the opportunity to study papermaking and printmaking at the penland school of crafts for a semester, during which I handmade all of the paper for this body of work. this work is messy and exuberant. at times meditative but more often like catharsis - unexpected and unmeasured, arriving as a burst.

© mj sanqui 2022
© mj sanqui 2022