queer signification



audio and video documentary, cyanotype on thrifted clothing, digital photo. shot on sony a65-SLT, sony A7 III, and sony 4K handycam camcorder. various sized clothing, video shot in 24p 4K 16:9.  

documentary videos upcoming

this project is a collaborative cross-disiciplinary work weaving documentary video, photography, printing on textiles, and interviews together to explore queer experience and how queer people relate to their own bodies and their appearance. I’ve learned a lot about my own gender expression through queer people who are close to me and I’m inspired by them constantly to question how I identify. I was lucky to have three close friends participate in this iteration of the project: Sol, Rasier, and Kayla. throughout the multiple stages of this project  and in the conversations I had with the three of them, I’ve explored ideas about the body and our various relationships to it, about dressing as affirmation, and about physical presentation as a mode of communication.

an interview and documentary process exploring queer aesthetics, body politics, and our relationships to our physical presentation.

read the interview questions and transcripts here

© mj sanqui 2022
© mj sanqui 2022