in the mirror, there is solace 
a Me, I recognize 
my eyes, the eyes of others

every recognition 
a misrecognition

reflection mirage delusion

why do I 
with this Me
that isn’t Me? 
this image, my skin

an object of vision, constructing
beholding, negating

it will take some time to see
my Whole

it’s never finished
it’s never finished
it’s never finished

made while I was reading and thinking a lot about feelings of dysmorphia. much of this thinking was inspired by the writings of Jacques Lacan on the imago and the mirror stage

*Jacques Lacan, The Mirror Stage quoted on pages 5 and 6
*John Berger, Ways of Seeing, Episode 3 quoted on page 11

© mj sanqui 2022
© mj sanqui 2022